FS2020 Development Update December 12th, 2019


We’ve posted some new screenshots in the Insider Area. Head inside to check them out!


We visited Cubcrafters with François, one of the pilots and aircraft aerodynamicists from our team, to go over the XCub’s simulation.

We fine tuned the engine’s power curve and adjusted the aircraft’s mass distribution and control surface limits and were able to get a very realistic handling.

We also improved the prop wash effect on the tail in order to get a more realistic power on handling, especially on the ground and at low speeds.

Each one of us also had the luck to fly a real-world Carbon Cub and had the chance to compare the real-world aircraft with the sim. This helped make some more improvements of the control surface elasticity and input curves of the yoke.

Another interesting thing:

Their test pilot flew the XCUB in the sim to their usual strips in the area. Particularly one located on Rimrock lake, the Tieton State Airport, where he did multiple landings and takoffs. The test pilot was very happy about how close the sim was in comparison on his usual flights out of this strip with the real aircraft. A specific ridge for example can just be flown over climbing at max power after takeoff and it was exactly the same in the sim!

  • Sebastian Wloch


January/February preview of the DR has been posted in the Insider Area. Make sure to head in and check it out, especially if you’re a fan of the Feature Discovery series. 


Recruitment for Tech Alpha 2 is now closed. If you have not registered for participation and would like to join the testing effort, we will be opening another round of recruitment mid-January. We are still finalizing the date for when Tech Alpha 2 invitations will be sent out but expect an update in January. In the meantime, our goal regarding participation remains the same – if you want to participate in early build testing and have registered (e.g. Tech Alpha 1, Tech Alpha 2, etc.), you are going to get access. The team is actively working to get additional people build access as quickly as possible. So stay tuned!

Next update – 12.19!


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